Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Protest Helped Stop the Unfair St. Pete "Fire Fee" Flat Tax

Please thank council members  for voting against this with an email to:
or call 893-7117.

Big business and the wealthy would have received a huge property tax break on the backs of the poor and non-profits with a proposed "fire fee"

That's why citizen's formed the Fair Tax Coalition and petitioned St. Petersburg City Council and Mayor Bill Foster which says: "Stop this gimmick that reaches into all pockets, regardless of ability to pay. Council should promote a more equitable source, such as millage adjustments, not a flat tax that targets the poor."

Fair Tax Coalition members asked City Council to reconsider Fire Fee

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St. Petersburg would collect fire fee from low income residents via liens.
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While St. Pete city government stubbornly insists that the poorest residents do not pay their fair share of taxes, research tells a different story. 

Its not true that some of us pay nothing for city services. Single family home owners and tenants pays about $600 a year in "flat tax" utility base fees in addition to charges based on consumption. We also pay  a city tax on water and electric use.

The poorest 20% of Floridians earn about $10,000 and pay 13.5% of their income in state and local taxes. The richest 1% pay only 2% of income in state and local taxes.

Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy: Unbalancing Florida's Tax System: Eliminating Taxes on Wealth Has Shifted the Burden to Other Floridians 

 Who Pays? Florida Fact Sheet   

Poverty Rises in Florida While the State's Tax System Benefits the Wealthy

Despite citizen protest the city gave Sam's Club a quarter million dollar state tax break for hiring people they would have hired anyway and for paving a parking lot they would have paved anyway. The Fire Fee/flat tax  would save 75% big box stores every year.

FY '13 BUDGET HEARING - Thursday, September 27, 6 p.m., City Council Chamber, 175 Fifth St. N.  

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